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Frischen Sie jetzt Ihr Englisch auf! Unsere LIVE-Online Englischtrainings für Sie...

Kurs 1 Communication skills: (10 UE)

Confucius said …” It is an error to presume that – that what you have just said has been understood by the others”

Learn how to communicate not just speak, one can learn a lot just by listening.

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 2 English for human resources & for the Works Council - "Hiring & Firing? Do the right things the right way." (10 UE)

The language of the Personnel Department together with The Works Council in International Business

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 3 English for project management: (10 UE)

PM Reporting

PM Progress Reports

Justifying a Project

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 4 English for young executives: (10 UE)

Entrepreneurs in the making

It Is not what you say it is always How you say it! So if you say it – then say it loud enough for everyone to hear you and so you will be remembered.

Be a winner without really trying – to be an Entrepreneur is one of todays greatest gift in the modern world of Business.

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 5 English for intercultural cooperation (ICC): (10 UE)

Intercultural Awareness and Communications

Learning how your business partner thinks and will react

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 6 English for team-leaders / supervisors: (10 UE)

There are those that are born leaders and there are those who need to be led – be a leader!

Start 20.08.2021, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 7 English for quality management: (10 UE)

QM – This how you can preserve your company’s name and future record of Quality Products

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 8 English for customer service: (10 UE)

Customer Service starts in the office, if you have a happy employee in QM then that person will show it when dealing with the clients that are placed in their care.

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 9 Technical English (tailored to your needs): (10 UE)

This is an enormous arena – technology is moving at the speed of light and the language moving along with it. This course is always tailored to your needs, goals and requirements.

Start 20.08.2021, 5 Termine à 2 UE


Kurs 10 IT-Trainings in English: (10 UE)

As software is normally delivered to its users in English it is the right to have in order for you to function effectively and productively.

Start 04.09.2021, 5 Termine à 2 UE

Kurs 11 English for Meetings & Presentations: (10 UE)

Special grammar / wording / Punctuation is required in order to complete the above successfully.

In this course one can learn or even polish the experience that you bring to the course to become a “Speaker”

Start nach Vereinbarung, 5 Termine à 2 UE

Kurs 12 English – Formal and Informal Correspondence: (10 UE)

Emails and letter/documents all have a special place in our working day. Learn the Du & Sie in the English Language.

Start 08.10.2021, 5 Termine á 2UE


Kurs 13 English for Telephoning: (10 UE)

Telephoning is not as easy as you think in a foreign language – what is missing? Why do I have problems speaking English on the phone? Well, that is the million-dollar question – the answer is relatively easy. It is because there is no body language on the phone! So in this course one learns how to just smile on the phone.

Start 09.10.2021, 5 Termine à 2 UE

Wir trainieren in Kleingruppen oder im Einzelcoaching für Ihren optimalen Lernerfolg.


Einzelcoaching online

590 € pro Person zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.

Duocoaching online

390 € pro Person zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.

Kleingruppe bis max. 5 Personen

250 € pro Person zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.

Gruppe bis max. 10 Personen

150 € pro Person zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.


  • Selbstverständlich erhalten Sie von uns ein Teilnahmezertifikat mit den vermittelten Kursinhalten.

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